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Read Testimonials From Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

One reason we have been able to serve the state of Illinois for so many years is because of the glowing testimonials we receive from past clients. Please take a minute to read a few testimonials below.

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  • I was charged with a very serious cannabis possession charge. I won my case!

    Gotta be real, Brian is quite an... individual. If you want your hand held and for your attorney to breathlessly inform you of every move, he's not your man. Look, this guy just does what he knows needs to be done. Maybe you'll hear about it and maybe you won't. It's frustrating when you're the one with your neck in the noose. On the other hand, would you rather have some glad-hander or a guy who will actually get you off!? Think about it.  While you're at it, think about how you're gonna pay for your freedom. If you're in serious doo-doo you need an attorney who will work on a bond assignment. There are supposed big-time guys up in Chicago who want $50K to just sign your sorry ass up. Brian will go ahead and work for you even if you've posted bond, so you aren't doubly cleaned-out before you even get results. Bottom line, even if you don't hire him, you don't need to pay everything up front to a lawyer. If you got ripped off on your bond amount because of a small-town kangaroo court, then assign it to your lawyer and pay him that way.  So the thing you need to consider is all the illegal bullshit LEOs do when they hassle you and charge you with a bunch of stuff that is false. Do you just want to get off and go your merry way or do you want to NAIL the f^&($%s who made your life a living hell for months... years... before your case was resolved? If you prefer the latter, then calm down and let him methodically set your case up for a civil rights case after it's all said and done. Yep, you will be screwed until it's done. You won't pass a background check. If you want to earn anything you'll need to be self employed. Deal with it. It sucks, I know.  Suffice it to say, Brian is a cool dude and will get you off unless you're a complete badass; in that case I don't know what to tell you. But the cops are so sloppy he'll probably find a mistake they made and you'll eventually walk free. OK? So hire the guy and believe he's doing the right thing even if he's not reporting every minute.  Finally, good luck, my prayers are with you. It's a totally effed up system, he knows it, and he'll eventually give you your life back.

  • Best Attorney in the area

    Mr. Polinske took care of a DUI for me. He answered every question I had. He was able to get the DUI changed to another charge, and kept my license. He was wonderful and his assistant was very helpful also. He is the best around.

  • Best lawyer in Edwardsville!

    Mr. Polinske is the best lawyer in the metro east area. He is always prompt in responding to questions which is a rare quality in lawyers. He is extremely personable and makes his clients feel at ease. This was my second DUI. Mr. Polinske was successful in having my case dismissed and the charges are expunged from my record. 

A good lawyer is hard to find. A fantastic lawyer is nearly impossible. Mr. Polinkse is a fantastic lawyer and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


  • Best ever experience with a lawyer

    I am in Florida and son is in IL. Son had some problems come up and Mr. Polinske was found through the Yellow Pages and Internet search. It was a very difficult experience since I could not be present but Mr. Polinske kept me informed and was so easy to talk to. He and his Secretary were very helpful and considerate through the entire experience and performed a miracle for my son! I can't imagine having any better experience with ANY Attorney even if I were able to be there in person. My son was very pleased and impressed with the results as well. We both highly recommend Mr. Polinske.


    Mr. Polinske helped me with a DUI matter. In fact, I was associated with another "popular local" attorney firm at first and then realized they didn't have the required court experience in aiding my case. At that time, I turned to Brian Polinske and he certainly did have the experience. He was able to help acquit me on my charges. Based on his court experience and ability to be reached when needed, I would highly suggest Polinske and Associates.


    I have known and retained Mr. Polinske for over 10 years. I would highly recommend him for any legal council. He has always gave good if not excellent results in all matters I have retained him for. He is very professional and creates an excellent relationship between himself and client. This Lawyer is the very best in Madison county ILL.

  • Great attorney, Supportive and knowledgeable lawyer

    Mr. Brian Polinske is a great lawyer and I would highly recommend his law firm to anybody who is facing a misdemeanor or a felony. He was able to obtain a full dismissal of three charges against me and my wife and I am really satisfied with his service. The prices are relatively higher given the location of his office; however, you can not go wrong with having him represent your case. You will pay less than what is deserved to be paid when you see the outcome. Last but not least he has a great circle of influence, he knows most of the key prosecuters in Madison county and I would rate him 9 on a scale of 1 to ten. He is really confident and is able to get any first time offender charge dismissed.

  • Magic in Court

    Polinske & associates is the place to call if your in any kind of trouble, Brian Polinske got me out of a jam, i could have had a felony on my record and he got me off the hook, It was a thing of beauty watching him do his magic in court, It was a pleasure working with a man of his caliber, highly recommended.

  • Fantastic representitive for my case

    I would highly recommnd this lawyer. He helped me drop a felony convction to 4 days of community service and one year of supervision. I would recomend him for almost any case, and he even offers waiving a minor traffick ticket for a five star review.


  • Satisfied Client

    Brian kept a strong hand on getting my case dismissed. Although this was not a great situation, he did lighten the burden throughout the process, clearing me from aggravated assault.

  • So lucky to have found such a GREAT lawyer

    Mr. Polinske and his office were a pleasure to work with. He is straight forward and great at what he does. I never felt anything other than well represented. Quite honestly I feel extremely lucky to have found Mr. Polinske and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer you can be confident in.


  • Highly Recommended

    Brian was very helpful in handling my case, was able to get the charges reduced to probation and then later even had the probation closed early. All this was done primarily through email, I didn't have to go to repeated office and/or court visits. Brian made the process as painless as it could be. I would recommend Brian without hesitation.


  • A class Act

    Brian and I never meet face to face, we took care of my citation with emails and phone calls he was very knowledgeable about my citation and inform me that he would and could take of this and he is a man of his word!!!!!!! This was my 1st time of getting a ticket i did know what to think and or say and he told me what would happen and it did.

  • Speeding Ticket

    I was photographed by camera speeding in a construction zone. Since I was from out of state and had pending family matters in another, appearing in court was impossible at the appointed date. Mr. Polinske represented me most ably. I am very satisfied with his services.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    This attorney did a wonderful job representing me in my case 
He was professional and very helpful he got my felony charge dismissed 
I will brag and recommend this lawyer until I'm in my grave!!!! 

  • If you want a Professional Lawyer, see Brian Polinske

    Brian and his staff did an excellent job in getting the photo ticket that I received in a construction zone dismissed. His professionalism and thoroughness took care of my citation via emails and phone calls and he was always very knowledgeable about my citation and consistently informed me that he would and could take of it. 
His Team did just that even though as he had informed me up front it would and did take some time 

Brian Polinske as an attorney representing me did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend him for any similar situation


  • Fantastic Lawyer!

    I was referred to Brian Polinske by a friend and definitely was not let down. Him and his staff kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case, made me feel at ease and I would recommend this lawyer to anyone! A+++ from me! Outstanding!

  • First Rate Lawyer

    Our daughter was charged with Aggravated Battery. We had initially thought we would just let her be represented by a Public Defender but at her Preliminary Hearing we realized she needed a good Criminal Lawyer in order to get a fair trial. We asked friends and associates if they knew a GOOD Criminal Lawyer. Several people recommended Brian Polinske so we scheduled an appointment with him. He was friendly, approachable, informative and we felt he would be a good choice. Before the trial he constantly answered our questions and kept us informed. During the cross examinations, Mr. Polinske was very professional, unlike the Prosecuting Attorneys. He comes across as sincere and trustworthy. Many of our family and friends were in court and they were all very impressed with the wonderful lawyer we had chosen. Our daughter was found NOT GUILTY. . We have given Mr. Polinske the highest ratings possible and would recommend him to friends and family. He is a Great Lawyer!

  • Simply amazing, calm and understanding

    I'm a college student and made a stupid decision my freshman year. I did some research on the lawyers in edwardsville and ran across the Brain & Polinske team. I choose them due to the reviews on their website and moreover the level of severe ness of the cases he handled and the great outcome of them. Contacted Brian let him know what was going on and immediately he made me fell at ease. I don't care what time of the night it was 3am or 5am brain answered all of my crazy paranoid emails immediately! He represented me in court and was able to get my charge reduced to disorderly conduct and I paid a small fine of I believe $260.00. 2years has passed and I need my charge/arrest expunged from my records. Although I am not eligible for expungement until October 2014 brain is so good at what he does he has informed me that he will get it done now so that it will not effect my application into my BA program for fall of 2014. See what he has done with my small case imagine what he can do with yours!


  • Excellent and Knowledgeable

    The thing that I appreciated most about working with Brian Polinske is that he was honest about my case and I was clear from the beginning what to expect. I received regular calls from him to update me on the progress of my suit. He was realistic about our chances and the recent settlement, in my favor, was right within the range of what i was told to expect from the very beginning. 
I highly recommend Brian Polinske.


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