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How to Successfully Obtain Your Driver's License After Revocation

After a DUI conviction a person's license is revoked.  The typical DUI conviction client has at least two DUI arrests in his history.  The first offender does not suffer the revocation of his license.  After a conviction the Secretary of State sends the motorist a Notice of Revocation in the mail.  The notice advises that person they will be unable to drive for any purpose for at least one year.  After one year they can apply for a Restricted Driving Permit from the Secretary of State.  The process to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit is intimidating to the unrepresented person.  And, unfortunately for the unrepresented party, it typically results in at least one denial by SOS for the RDP.  Preparation and organization are key aspects to being successful when attempting to gain a RDP.  Multiple forms are required to be submitted with the application packet that document various proof categories such as: employment, health needs, and school requirements.  All three application components must be filed prior to the hearing.  It is helpful to know what questions the SOS administrative hearing officer will ask during the hearing.  We have all the questions listed in written form. 

If a RDP is granted the SOS requires that a BAIID (breath alcohol ignition interlock) device be installed in the vehicle while operating under the RDP.  The BAIID is not free.  The device typically is changed out by an approved mechanic every month or two.  Each time it is changed out there is a fee that must be paid to the mechanic.  Also, when the device is installed and removed for the last time there are fees charged.  The SOS typically requires SR-22 insurance be maintained while driving under the provision of an RDP.  This type of insurance costs more than normal insurance as it requires the provider to submit monthly proof that the motorist client is paying for the insurance.

Most of our clients are successful their first time through the hearing process.  A large part of the success depends on the client completing requested tasks quickly. 

If you need assistance with reinstatement please call our office.  We require a current court purposes driving abstract which can be obtained from the SOS hearing officer.  With any questions call us and we will be glad to discuss.

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