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Read Testimonials From Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

One reason we have been able to serve the state of Illinois for so many years is because of the glowing testimonials we receive from past clients. Please take a minute to read a few testimonials below.

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  • He kept me from going to court and got my case dismissed.

    Mr. polinske kept me from getting discouraged in a tough situation. I never had to go to court and he kept me very informed. Very reassuring and professional.

  • He took car of everything I needed.

    I called Brian for my charges. He accepted my case. He took everything well. Great Guy to hire.

  • Thanks Brian

    I called Polinske and Associates when I got a DUI . Brian Polinske represented me. He took it to a 2nd level and I got to see him in action at cross examination. Confident, extremely knowledgeable and I left court in the best mood since my Arrest! Thanks Again Polinske & Associates !

  • He obtained a dismissal for a very complicated case.

    A close relative of mine was wrongly accused of possessing illegal drugs. It was a very complicated case and I did not think we could overcome the many obstacles to proving his innocence. We had no idea where to turn for help. I asked a lawyer friend (who does not practice criminal law) who he would recommend. He told me “go to Brian Polinske” and I’m so glad we did. We won the case and justice was served. Brian is very knowledgeable about criminal law and was very responsive each time I called or emailed him. I highly recommend Brian for your legal needs.

  • Great Lawyer

    I switched lawyers to Brian at the begging of my case cause of all the positive reviews I read. Took care of business, easy to talk too, informative for your needs. Great lawyer!

  • My Son's case was dismissed!

    Brian represented my son. He was charged with aggravated assault/use of deadly weapon/rifle. The charges and the claim was outrageous. The state aggressively pursued the charges even though it was obvious there was no case. Brian's knowledge and expertise in the field made the states attorney case crumble. I appreciate everything he did. These charges would have impacted him for life and I'm grateful my son was found not guilty. The case was dismissed.

  • Mr. Polinske handled my case discreetly

    As an out of state client, Polinske & Associates took my case. They ran the case without me having to come back to IL. My lawsuit was handled with constant phone communication that kept me in the loop at every step. They did a great job and were very easy to work with.

    Kent M
  • Mr. Polinske helped me out with great results

    Mr. Polinski has helped me out multiple times and very happy with outcome! I would highly recommend him when looking for a lawyer! Very professional and amazing results! Thank you Mr. Polinski!!

  • A review for a helpful law office

    Best criminal defense lawyer in Edwardsville. Mr Polinske is a true professional and has a reputation for winning tough cases. These attorneys explain the process and have reasonable fees. The office staff is very nice. Great people. Great lawyers.

    Remy Hoffman
  • Great criminal help

    Very experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. Excellent choice if you need a great attorney for your case in Madison, St. Clair or surrounding counties

    Craig S
  • I would recommend using them to anyone

    Mr. Polinske and his staff did a great job and worked my case out quickly with a great outcome and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Rich F
  • Madison County Money Laundering Charge Dismissed

    He was very helpful in a difficult time, explaining clearly the whole process. After posting bail I was able to return to my home state and he responded quickly whenever emailed or called. And I am very pleased with the result of the charges being dropped.

  • I was falsely charged with child abduction and Mr. Polinske got the case fully dismissed!

    I was faced with the difficult decision of which attorney to hire to represent me on felony charge entered in Madison County, IL. I was out of state and my life was at stake. I did not have much faith in attorneys due to hiring the wrong ones in the past who did nothing for me, but take my money. I can say without a doubt that Brian Polinske and his team at Polinske & Associates are the amazing. Jen (paralegal) and Brian were with me every step of the way and he delivered. I couldn't be more grateful or happy with the representation he provided and the service I received. He gets the results you deserve. He was able to get my felony dismissed, which was not an easy accomplishment. The best criminal defense attorney in this town. Brian Polinske is an attorney who is honest and a legal genius with integrity!! Attorneys like this are RARE. Do not consider anyone else or you'll regret not going to Brian first like I did!!

  • One of my Controlled Substances Clients who Kept a Conviction Off his Record

    Brian, I want to thank you very much for being a great lawyer and helping me with this case.  Definitely was/is a learning experience and coudn't of done it without your support and great skills.  I will be in touch with you again.  Thanks again.   DM

  • I conducted a jury trial ending on September 22, 2016 and won all three felony charges against Mr. Trevor Bone in Madison County, Illinois. He was facing mandatory time between 4-15 years.

    Thank you Mr. Polinske for your help on this case.  I couldn't have stayed out of prison without your help.  Thanks again.  TB

  • August 26

    This attorney did a wonderful job representing me in my case.  He was professional and very helpful he got my felony charge dismissed.  I will brag and recommend this lawyer until I'm in my grave!!!!

  • Patient pursuit of a dismissal

    Brian did an outstanding job for us over a very long and protracted process.  Even though the charge against my son as a minor one and a first time offense, the county seemed dead set on pursuing it.  Brian encouraged us to be patient and even when the county was offering what could have been deemed a reasonable out, he advised us to wait and that a better option should be forthcoming.  In the end he was right.  After almost 2 years, the county dismissed the charge and the whole silly situation is finally over and behind us.

  • Brian & his wife did an amazing job.

    Brian & his wife did an amazing job representing me, he did all that was asked and more.  He got a full dismissal of the case and I'm very pleased with the outcome.  If your looking for a criminal defense attorney who works with you to the fullest, he is it!!  You won't be disappointed.

  • Mr. Polinske was helpful when working out my case

    Brian did everything he said he would do. His staff was / is very polite and seemed to be concerned about my case. Brian even went out of his way to help me.

  • Great Lawyer

    I am a recent college graduate who came to Brian after being arrested for a DUI and several smaller offenses . He was highly recommended by people in the area and after my experience I can understand why. In addition to the DUI, I was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia for possessing a cannabis grinder and for an open-container violation due to a beer sitting in my passenger side floorboard. As promised, he was able to get the paraphernalia and open container charges dropped. Additionally, he was able to keep the DUI charge off of my permanent record and I kept my license. As an aspiring doctor, it was of utmost importance to not have a permanent criminal record. Brian has experience dealing with aspiring professionals and worked with me closely from the beginning and understood my priorities. He was able to negotiate a deal on my behalf that I was very satisfied with. Brian definitely did not walk me through every step of the process and this made me nervous at times. However, when something important happened or when I grew worried, he took the time to let me know everything was going according to plan. In retrospect, I realize it was only his extreme confidence in his ability to deliver what he promised that led him to move the process along without keeping me updated every step of the way. If you are looking for someone to constantly update you at every step of the process, Brian may not be your man. However, if you are looking for great results and someone who delivers what they promise, Brian is your guy. In the end, I was extremely satisfied with Brian, the temporary displeasure of dealing with uncertainty was more than made up for by the results Brian was able to deliver.


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