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Edwardsville Attorneys for DUI, Criminal Offenses, Family Law, Auto Accident Injuries, and Traffic Violations

We are pleased to offer several different practice areas to Madison County and surrounding areas. Our main areas of focus include DUI defense, criminal defense (felony and misdemeanor), family law, auto accident injuries, and traffic violations in Illinois.

Criminal DefenseCriminal Defense

When your life and freedom are on the line, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a solid history of successfully trying cases. Polinske & Associates represents people just like you who are facing potentially life-changing criminal charges. We will work tirelessly to clear your name in cases involving felony drug violations, cannabis trafficking, DUI, domestic battery, white collar crimes, violent crimes, Methamphetamine and Cannabis Trafficking and other criminal acts.

Cannabis Delivery defense

If you are charged with the felony offense of Cannabis Delivery in Madison County Illinois you should seek competent counsel.  Oftentimes these charges can be dismissed or reduced to a less serious offense.  Reduction of bond is your first step.  When your release is secured you focus next on the preliminary hearing and arraignment.  Then on the discovery and motion practice.  I can typically spot whether there are good grounds to win a Motion to Suppress Evidence against the State.  In a surprisingly high amount of cases the initial stop and subsequent search are fraught with constitutional issues.  Identifying them, filing the appropriate motions and effectively presenting them to the judge are all equally important.  Choose competent and experienced counsel to defend you in this situation.

Cannabis Trafficking - Your Best DefenseCannabis Trafficking - Your Best Defense

Hire the best experienced and qualified criminal defense trial attorney to resolve your cannabis trafficking charge.  You should always ask for successful cases the attorney has recently resolved.  Check the court records to confirm.  Your case has its own particular issues that can oftentimes result in suppression of evidence.  

At Polinske & Associates, P.C., we have steadfastly defended clients' cannabis trafficking cases for a combined 46 years.  We are reknown for our success in these cases.  Call us to begin your path forward to acquittal.




Related Areas:

DUI DefenseDUI Defense

A DUI arrest in Illinois can be terrifying and confusing. How will this affect your future? How can you be found innocent if your BAC was above .08? Attorney Brian Polinske knows how to analyze your case and find possible defenses that could clear your name and help you get your life back.

Traffic ViolationsTraffic Violations

Don't try to fight your traffic violation alone! If convicted, you could face fines, a license suspension, or even jail time. Let Brian Polinske use his experience as a traffic violation attorney to help and put this entire incident behind you.

Family LawFamily Law

Family law requires a personal touch that Polinske & Associates is able to provide. Whether you're going through a divorce, need to draw up a child custody agreement, want to establish a child support order, or even finalize an adoption in Illinois, our family law attorneys are here to help.

Auto AccidentsAuto Accidents

Don't let an auto accident or catastrophic injury in the Madison County area leave you with serious injuries, piles of medical bills and nowhere to turn. Polinske & Associates will fight on your behalf so you can get the compensation you deserve, while also providing you with guidance, answers and returned phone calls.

Sexual Abuse Civil Lawsuits

In Illinois you have a right to pursue another who sexually assaults you.  If you were a child when it occurred you have up to 20 years to file lawsuit against that person.  If you are an adult who was victimized you also have a right to sue that person.  If you have questions on whether it is in your best interests to file a lawsuit call us. We can confidentially discuss your case and give you candid advice based upon our 44 years of experience.

Been a Victim of Excessive Force by the Police?

If you have been wrongfully arrested or have had excessive force used upon you, you may have a civil case against the officers and their employers under the Civil Rights Act. Typically federal court cases are used for these claims.  We have been very successful in both the federal and state claims regarding these issues.  We prepare every case as if its going to trial.  If it is tried - we are ready.  Many times these cases are settled prior to trial.  If you desire a free consultation call my office today and I'll gladly review your case with you.

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