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Read Testimonials From Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

One reason we have been able to serve the state of Illinois for so many years is because of the glowing testimonials we receive from past clients. Please take a minute to read a few testimonials below.

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  • Very Happy

    Brian is an amazing attorney.  I hired him about a year ago with really no hope for my life.  I was so nervous about the trouble I had gotten myself into.  He went above and beyond to make sure he did everything in his power to help me and my case.  I was facing a very heavy sentence, more time that I could've ever imagined.  Brian went to bat for me even after we thought there was no hope.  He helped me and my family so much I can never than you enough!  He was upfront with me from the beginning.  This is the attorney to hire!!!

    Jeron D
  • I highly recommend brian I have used him for criminal cases when I was younger(charges dismissed) and recently for a wide array of traffic tickets over 7 all them all them are out the window except one and that was reduced to a lesser charge but guess what no points on my license that all that matter I highly recommend this guy for criminal and traffic I have used him for both and he exceeded my expectation on each occasion thank you mr polinske
  • Got the felony dropped

    My boyfriend has a CCL and was charged with aggravated assault, we thought he was going to lose the license..... Brian did his magic and he kept the CCL and after 6 months it won't be on his record. We are very pleased and will definitely recommend Polinske & Associates.

  • Hired them to get me out of jail and they did so promptly

    Hands down the best attorney I've ever had. He got my half a million dollar bond reduced so I could get out of jail. I was facing a 6 year minimum. He had my charges reduced and set for non reporting probation. He kept in touch and made it so I only had to come back for sentencing and right back home. DON'T HESITATE TO HIRE THEY ARE THE BEST!

    Rob C
  • Had lots of warrants. He got them quashed and took care of case quickly

    I'm very pleased with the work Brian Polinske has done. My family contacted him when I was arrested on warrants my prior attorney told me he took care of but didn't . He has been very thorough and quick with getting things taken care of. I'm beyond grateful and ready to move forward with my life and let my past be the past.

    Donna K
  • He got my charge dismissed

    Mr Polinske and his office were incredible. As an international client, not only did Polinske and his team provide amazing service, but he also managed to get my case dismissed. It is a major relief to be able to put your trust in a professional while being on the other side of the world.

    Trent S
  • We won our case.

    Wonderful Experience! Brain was wonderful to work with and helped me and my family feel comfortable and calm throughout the experience. He was masterful in the courtroom, did his research on the case and was fully prepared and confident.

    Robyn B
  • Defense Attorney for Criminal Misdemeanor

    Defense Attorney for Criminal Misdemeanor 5.0 stars Posted by Heidi  March 20, 2019   Brian Polinske JD communicated effectively and expertly with us. This assessment is also accurate while conducting the defense during our jury trial. He thoroughly reviewed all of the information provided to him by us and by the court of Madison County. His professionalism toward the judge and Jurors is first rate. We will retain his legal services if we ever need him again. Thankfully, the jury brought back a not guilty verdict and the truth prevailed thanks to Brian Polinske’s skill and decorum.

  • I highly recommend him

    Excellent Representation 5.0 stars Posted by Tyfanie  February 28, 2019   I have had the pleasure of Brian Polinske respresenting myself in multiple cases. I am over the top pleased with his assistance and, the outcome of my cases. Anytime I sent a text, email, or phone call all questions or concerns were addressed immediately. Face to face meetings were more than comfortable as well, as he treated me like a normal human being, which most lawyers do not. I highly recommend using Brian in any case you may have in the future!

  • Fayette county charged me with drug felonies and dui.

    I was faced with the most difficult situation, I had made a decision not in my right mind but in the wrong. I was accused of 7 felonies, and 11 speeding tickets 2 being wreckless. Brian Polinskie is the best criminal defense lawyer Around the metro area, hes honest, gets to the point, gets results. Im look at a full dismissle of all accusations i believe only he would of been able to do. he has amazing legal intelligence. He is an amazing man, and attorney just check his track record. make sure u dont make the mistake of hiring anyone else

    Colton H
  • Great Result

    Brian is definitely the attorney for the case no matter the charges. He definitely cares about his clients and follows through on what he says he will get done for you in the beginning, to case closure.

    Denton E.
  • Case dismissed

    If you have the unfortunate experience to be charged by law enforcement and are dealing with the legal system, I highly recommend Brian Polinski to represent you in anything that you are facing. I was extremely happy with his expertise, his knowledge and his ability to cut through all the issues and get directly to the point. My wife and I were totally amazed and pleased with his his handling of my legal issue. Brian returned my calls and texts in a timely way and his fee was very reasonable. He is a steely-eyed missle man!!!

    Steve A.
  • Went Above My Expectations!

    Went way above and beyond when I needed his help I could not be happier with his work!

  • Would recommend to anyone in Madison County!

      Brian is the man to see for any type of issues dealing with the law. He walks you through the long drawn out process and makes its a lot easier to deal with. He's the best in the area! 5/5 would recommend him to anyone in Madison county.

  • Excellent Attorney

    Excellent attorney! Very happy with the outcome of my case. He and his staff did a great job.

    N & J Sherman
  • Aggravated Domestic Battery felony charge dismissed

    Brian & his wife did an amazing job representing me, he did all that was asked and more. He got a full dismissal of the case and I'm very pleased with the outcome. If your looking for a criminal defense attorney who works with you to the fullest, he is it!! You won't be disappointed.

  • Really provided great help when it was needed most, straight forward, honest and dependable

    I was charged with simply assault and resisting arrest after a stranger had followed my daughter home. I was refereed to Mr. Polinske, we meet and after reviewing my case he said that this may take some time 6 to 9 months or more. He would work on getting the charges dropped but offered no promises and if he needed more from me he would contact me later. It was discovered that my rights to a speedy trial were violated so both charges were dismissed. I thank Mr. Polinske from the bottom of my heart and any time I have a legal issue arise in my future I will contact him.  Daniel

  • Great attorney, Supportive and knowledgeable lawyer

    Mr. Brian Polinske is a great lawyer and I would highly recommend his law firm to anybody who is facing a misdemeanor or a felony. He was able to obtain a full dismissal of three charges against me and my wife and I am really satisfied with his service. The prices are relatively higher given the location of his office; however, you can not go wrong with having him represent your case. You will pay less than what is deserved to be paid when you see the outcome. Last but not least he has a great circle of influence, he knows most of the key prosecuters in Madison county and I would rate him 9 on a scale of 1 to ten. He is really confident and is able to get any first time offender charge dismissed.

  • Magic in Court

    Polinske & associates is the place to call if your in any kind of trouble, Brian Polinske got me out of a jam, i could have had a felony on my record and he got me off the hook, It was a thing of beauty watching him do his magic in court, It was a pleasure working with a man of his caliber, highly recommended.

  • Fantastic representitive for my case

    I would highly recommnd this lawyer. He helped me drop a felony convction to 4 days of community service and one year of supervision. I would recomend him for almost any case, and he even offers waiving a minor traffick ticket for a five star review.



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