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Let Us Help You Fight Your Failure to Register Charge

Mandatory registration statutes require sex offenders to register with their local police departments, the local police department where they work, and other places in certain circumstances. The body of law stating what is required is very confusing.  One slip and you can be charged with a serious felony offense of Failure to Register.  You will be arrested and bond will be posted prior to your release.  You may think you are faced with an unwinnable cse.  Sometimes that may be true.  Other times, however, you can prevail on this charge.  

I have represented people charged with this offense for 22 years.  Many of them have had their charges dismissed or down plead.  Recently, I had a gentleman that had recently been placed on probation for a sex offense.  He registered at his honetown police department, and in the city where he works.  However, he did not register wtih the university police department located within the city where he works.  That constiuted a failure to comply with the Illinois Sex Offender Registration law.  The law is continually changing, placing more requirements upon a person to keep current with the law.  

If you are charged with this offense and want to try to get it dismissed call me.  I cannot guarantee it will be dismissed.  But I have had a great amount of success with these charges.

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