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Representing Individuals With Traffic Violation Cases From Madison County to Bond County

Does a recent traffic violation charge have you worried that you're going to lose your license? Or even worse, go to jail?

Facing a traffic violation can be extremely stressful, but Polinske & Associates has a winning track record with these types of cases. Whether you were charged with speeding in a construction zone, driving under the influence, or reckless driving, Brian Polinske has the experience and knowledge to challenge all of this in court.

You have too much to lose if you are convicted of a serious traffic offense, so don't leave your future up to chance. Contact Brian Polinske for a FREE initial consultation right now by calling (888) 379-6582.

Penalties You Face If Convicted of a Traffic Violation in Illinois

Traffic violations can range from the relatively minor to the extremely serious, but if convicted, there are a wide range of unpleasant penalties a person could face—regardless of the offense.

If you're convicted of a moving offense like speeding or improper lane usage, it will stay on your driving record for four to five years. This will also negatively impact how much you pay for car insurance.

A conviction for an alcohol or drug-related offense will remain on your driving record for your entire life.

A DUI conviction will take away your driver's license and driving privileges for a minimum of one year for the first offense. If you have four or more DUI convictions, you lose your license for life.

Nearly any type of traffic violation conviction carries a fine of some sort, and many people end up paying thousands of dollars out of their own pockets.

Any misdemeanor conviction—which can range from DUI, selling a fraudulent driver's license, or drag racing—could result in jail time.

Contact Our Aggressive, Respected Traffic Violation Law Firm

We didn't list all of the potential penalties above to scare you; we just want you to realize how important it is that you seek legal counsel when charged with an Illinois traffic violation. Even if you're "just" facing a fine or a suspended license, we're sure you aren't anxious to pay a sizeable amount of money and try to figure out how you're going to get to work every day for the next few months.

You have rights as a driver in Illinois, and Brian Polinske wants to make sure you are treated fairly. Take a look at some of his past traffic violation wins on this website and then call for a FREE consultation at (888) 379-6582.

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