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What types of traffic violations in Illinois require a court appearance?

When some people think of traffic violations they assume they can just pay a ticket and forget it ever happened. Not true! Unfortunately, there are several different types of traffic offenses that require you show your face in a court room.

Some traffic violation convictions can come with heavy fines, a suspended license, jail time, and other penalties, so be sure to have an attorney on your side. Brian Polinske has represented clients convicted of all types of traffic violations and knows what needs to be proved in order to have a case dismissed.

Not sure if your traffic offense requires a court appearance? Here are traffic violations in Illinois that come with a mandatory court date:

  • All alleged Class A and Class B misdemeanor violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code
  • All alleged violations of the Child Passenger Protection Act
  • Any traffic offense which results in an accident causing the death of any person or injury to any person other than the accused
  • Any minor traffic offenses where the statutory minimum fine is greater than $95, except in certain specific situations
  • Operating Without Insurance
  • Operating When Registration Suspended for Noninsurance
  • No Valid Driver's License
  • Violation of Classification
  • Operating in Violation of Restricted License or Permit
  • Unlawful Use of License or Permit
  • Making a False Report
  • Passing a School Bus (Loading or Unloading)
  • Refusal to stop and submit vehicle and load to weighing after being directed to do so by an officer, or removal of load prior to weighing
  • Violation of Excess Size or Weight Permit


It may feel like there are many random exceptions, so if you are confused, call Polinske & Associates at (888) 379-6582 to take advantage of our free initial consultation. We will help you understand what you've been charged with, and then work hard to clear your name.

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