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Montgomery County Illinois Cannabis Possession with Intent to Deliver Victory

Gotta be real, Brian is quite an... individual. If you want your hand held and for your attorney to breathlessly inform you of every move, he's not your man. Look, this guy just does what he knows needs to be done. Maybe you'll hear about it and maybe you won't. It's frustrating when you're the one with your neck in the noose. On the other hand, would you rather have some glad-hander or a guy who will actually get you off!? Think about it. 

While you're at it, think about how you're gonna pay for your freedom. If you're in serious doo-doo you need an attorney who will work on a bond assignment. There are supposed big-time guys up in Chicago who want $50K to just sign your sorry ass up. Brian will go ahead and work for you even if you've posted bond, so you aren't doubly cleaned-out before you even get results. Bottom line, even if you don't hire him, you don't need to pay everything up front to a lawyer. If you got ripped off on your bond amount because of a small-town kangaroo court, then assign it to your lawyer and pay him that way. 

So the thing you need to consider is all the illegal bullshit LEOs do when they hassle you and charge you with a bunch of stuff that is false. Do you just want to get off and go your merry way or do you want to NAIL the f^&($%s who made your life a living hell for months... years... before your case was resolved? If you prefer the latter, then calm down and let him methodically set your case up for a civil rights case after it's all said and done. Yep, you will be screwed until it's done. You won't pass a background check. If you want to earn anything you'll need to be self employed. Deal with it. It sucks, I know. 

Suffice it to say, Brian is a cool dude and will get you off unless you're a complete badass; in that case I don't know what to tell you. But the cops are so sloppy he'll probably find a mistake they made and you'll eventually walk free. OK? So hire the guy and believe he's doing the right thing even if he's not reporting every minute. 

Finally, good luck, my prayers are with you. It's a totally effed up system, he knows it, and he'll eventually give you your life back.


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