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Tow Redemption Fee Class Action Filed Against Belleville, IL

Posted on Dec 08, 2015
I filed a class action (my 7th) against the City of Belleville, Illinois for their "tow redemption" fees.  "Tow Redemption" fees are money required to be paid to the Belleville City Clerk after a car is towed in association with a criminal violation.  For example, if a person is arrested for the offense of DUI they must pay a criminal bond, a tow fee, impoundment fee, and a tow redemption fee.  The redemption fee is merely a piece of paper that the City charges an additional $500.00 fee for.  The law is clear regarding this fee.  The fee cannot be charged unless it is "reasonably related" to its intended purpose.  In other words, in reparation for a service provided.  The statute states specifically what the fee is intended to recoup.  I anticipate after discovery is completed and the class certified the City will attempt an appeal such as has been attempted by four other municipalities.  They lost at the appeallate level.  I will continue to update my site as we progress.
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