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Recent Belleville News Democrat Article Regarding Tow Fees

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

I am currently in the midst of six separate class actions which I filed on behalf of DUI clients.  The clients were charged a "tow release fee" by the respective municipality.  This fee is not the actual towing fee.  It is a fee assessed by the police department that requires the clients to pay a fee of between $300 to $500 before they can arrange for the release of their vehicle.  The clients still have to pay the tow and storage fees.  The $300 to $500 is another separate fee on top of the towing fee.  I believe the fees are excessive and unconstitutional.  The class actions I have filed against six municipalities have been delayed due to appeals.  I anticipate further appeals on these cases but I feel strongly that we will prevail.  If we get to a jury trial in these cases I believe the jury will see that the fees are in fact very excessive and should not be charged.



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