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Jury Trial - Mistrial Felony Theft Over $10,000 Marion County

Posted on Dec 16, 2015
Mr. Wright was charged with stealing over $10,000 from his employer, a country club located in Salem, IL.  We tried the case over a period of four days.  The evidence seemed unable to reach the threshold of "beyond a reasonable doubt."  There were many witnesses called who testified that they had given money directly to my client or put money on his desk.  However, the same witnesses also stated they had received the benefit they were paying for.  My client has always steadfastly denied stealing any amount of money while employed at the club.  The jury heard the evidence and deliberated over 8 hours.  They were given a "shotgun" jury instruction (Primm) and still couldn't make a decision upon the evidence presented.  They ultimately deadlocked at 7-5.  The judge declared a mistrial.  The prosecutor will try the case again at a later date.  I anticipate an acquittal eventually.

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