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My client was a police officer who was falsely accused of forgery and official misconduct by coworkers. We won her felony trial. Then we sued the City in federal Court. We were set for trial 6/22/2021. The City decided to settle.

Posted on Jun 03, 2021
My client was a police officer for a local city.  She had worked for them for 15 years.  She was falsely accused by two co-workers of altering a doctor's note.  The matter was turned over to the FBI and Illinois State Police.  Their investigation resulted in felony charges against her for forgery and official misconduct.  We represented her in the underlying felonies.  We won the cases at trial.  Next we filed a federal civil rights complaint against the individuals who fabricated the false claims against her and the City.  We were set for trial on 6/22/2021.  The case settled 6/2/2021.  My client will be reinstated as part of her settlement.  She also will receive $250,000 and approximately $600,000 in pension/retirement benefits. 
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