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An attorney client of mine is representing multiple persons against the governor's mandates regarding school children. The governor took it upon himself to decry at a press conference that my client is stealing money from his clients. We sued him for defamation per se.

Posted on Nov 08, 2021
Defamation is a very simple tort.  A person must utter untrue words against another that rise to the level of impuning their character.  Speaking words that would lead a reasonable person to believe the target of the words cannot perform in his profession rise to the level of defamation per se.  Defamation per se allows for damages to be presumed versus proven at trial.  The jury is fully able to award damages without the plaintiff proving actual damage to his/her reputation.  In this case the governor's statements at the press conference was intended to reach persons other than the plaintiff (my client).  Further, they claim my client is unable to perform his professional duties in a competent manner.  Lastly, they impugn that my client is stealing money from his clients.  I look forward to proscuting this action against the Governor.  I believe that when a public official uses the power of his platform due to him being elected to public office in such a manner he should be held to a high standard.  Shockingly, the governor is supposed to hold a law license.  I cannot understand how a lawyer can make such a decision to berate another attorney in such a manner at a press conference.  
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