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The Illinois legislature recognizes how ineffective prison time is as a sentence. Within one year most offenders are back in custody. Redeploy is one tool to avoid prison time in the right circumstances.

730 ILCS 190/20 created authority for local courts to begin an adult redeploy program.  Each program may vary but must be approved and put into written form by the courts.  In Madison County persons charged with mainly non-violent offenses and who have either been to prison before for the same or similar conduct may be able to enroll in redeploy.  It is a last chance to stay out of prison for many defendants.  Low level class 3 and 4 nonviolent felony charges are commonly allowed into this program.  Treatment is mandatory under this program.  The goal is to decrease recidivism by helping defendants break their dependency on drugs/alcohol.

The program for Madison County may be found here: http://www.icjia.state.il.us/redeploy/pdf/Local_Programs/Madison%20site%20snapshot%202016.pdf



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