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How Does the New DUI Suspension Law Effect Me?

Enacted January 1, 2016 was a new provision that now allows for first time DUI offenders to avoid the first 30 day "hard time" suspension period.  The manner in which the person accomplishes this is by filing for the MDDP permit prior to the inception of the SSS.  In other words, if a person is to begin their SSS on 2/1/16 they should file the permit application sent to them in the mail by the SOS two weeks prior to the first day the SSS begins. 

One problem that I have discovered is that it takes the SOS 3-4 weeks to process the request for the driving permit.  Therefore, the client must almost immediately upon receipt of the paperwork in the mail fill it out and return it in order for them to realistically be able to drive the first day their suspension goes into effect.

This is a very useful provision that will positively impact many drivers in Illinois.  For further information on this new law please contact a qualified DUI attorney.

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