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Is there a way to keep a DUI off my permanent record?

Many first offender DUI clients don't know whether they can keep the DUI and its arrest off their record.  The "records" they are concerned with are both the arrest record and Secretary of State driver's records.  If a person pleads guilty to the DUI under court supervision as a disposition the answer is fuzzy.  There will always be an arrest record of the event.  DUIs are one specific offense that cannot ever be expunged (arrest records erased).  However, there will not be a conviction and no record will appear for the DUI on the SOS driver's record (abstract).  If a client is able to avoid a plea of guilty to the DUI itself the arrest may be erased after a certain period of time under expungment proceedings.   Due to the complexity of the issue contacting experienced and qualified legal counsel is of the utmost importance.

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