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My Loved One Was Just Arrested. Now What?

Few things are more unnerving than being woken up by a ringing telephone in the middle of the night and a voice on the other end saying, "Hey, sorry to wake you up. I just got arrested."

If you've never had to face a situation like this before, you're probably incredibly scared and confused as to what you are supposed to do next. Do you just sit and wait to find out what happens next? Or is there something you can do to help your loved one from outside the jail?

The first thing you need to do is call an experienced criminal defense attorney like Brian Polinske at Polinske & Associates. Protecting your loved one's rights is so important right now and a criminal lawyer will know just what to look for and what needs to be done. Mr. Polinske will act swiftly to post bond, getting your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. If he had charges filed against him, he will need to appear for a court date, but until then, that bail money gets him out of jail and back home with you. He will also have time to work with his attorney to build his defense.

Another way you can help right now is by taking notes. Write down any and every detail you can think of, including what time your loved one called from jail, everything he said on the phone, anyone else you talked to, and any other detail you can remember. Do not overthink it; it's better to have more than enough information than to miss key points.

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