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Crossbow Hunting Allowed Beginning in October 2017

Brian L. Polinske
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Governor Rauner signed HB 2893 that allows archery hunters to use a crossbow during all regular season.  The Bill was intended to improve deer hunting numbers and encourage more archery hunters to engage in the sport.  Other states have enacted similar laws within the last few years.  The NRA was a major impetus behind this law.  Previously, only archers hunting after the gun seasons could use a crossbow to hunt deer.  The pros to this law are that more hunters will engage in the sport, the use of crossbow reduces wounding deer (when used withing an appropriate foot range), and there should be a slight economic impact resulting therefrom.  I am a crossbow hunter so I personally am glad to see this law pass. 
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Sam 07/01/2022 08:31 AM
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