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Civil Rights Cases

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 grants person the ability to sue any police officer whom the person believes has falsely arrested, beaten, or violated their constitutional rights.  Mainly those persons who have been severely beaten have a very good chance of succeeding in their lawsuit.  Those falsely arrested also have a very good chance at succeeding in their cases.  We review the facts, including any dash cams, jail and poice reports, and any other scientific evidence that may exist in each case.  If the evidence does not rise to the level of probable cause we advise our clients to file a lawsuit.  In federal court the procedure is very rigid and the highest hurdle to climb is winning the motion to dismiss or for summary judgment that will most certainly be filed.  Once my client prevails on those motions the case will be tried or settled. 


There are statutes of limitation that apply to both your federal and state claims.  Time is of the essence in these claims.  Don't delay if you are interested in moving forward.  If you wait too long you forever lose any right to file this type of lawsuit. 

We have won cases against Belleville, O'Fallon, Fairview Heights, Caseyville, Madison County, Alton, Madison, East St. Louis, and Centreville.  We currently have cases pending against Montgomery County, Cumberland County, Illinois State Police and the FBI. 

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